Specialized service

We at Monetary Management Group, Inc. recognize that the investment business is primarily a service business. We are structured so that we have control and responsibility for the client's investment return. Unlike other investment advisors, MMG doesn’t fit your needs to a cookie cutter portfolio model; we fit a portfolio to your needs. We deal directly with clients to create a custom portfolio that maximizes their investment return. Monetary Management’s team of investment managers has more than 200 years of combined experience. 

We start by working with the specific needs and requirements of the client and blend this with the current capital market expectations to form the portfolio, asset allocations, security selection, implementation and execution. Thereafter, we monitor the portfolio and make changes necessary to obtain the portfolio's objectives. In order to accomplish this task we are, by design, a responsive organization. 
For example: 

  • We have computer capability to review customers' equity positions on a daily basis.

  • Quick response time to market changes -no delay with large committee meetings.

  • Fast and accurate executions with all trades handled in St. Louis by our principals.

  • We have prompt and direct communications with all clients and the ability on short notice to prepare any report or data required by our clients.

  • Experienced personnel and size give the client the best of both worlds: the personal touch within a boutique organization.

Institutional management

MMG has extensive experience in managing institutional funds such as pensions, profit sharing plans and endowments. In addition, Monetary Management has serviced Taft–Hartley and Religious Organizations for over 30 years and has the capability to work with any custodian.



Monetary Management Group, Inc. employs a "bottom-up" portfolio management style through monitoring a universe of over 1800 securities. These securities are screened for earnings and sales/revenue growth. Those securities which pass the priority screening process display a mandatory level of earnings momentum. These securities are then screened again for earnings quality, marketability and industry concentration as well as the technical measure of relative strength. Maximum position per security is generally no greater than 5% of the total portfolio. Securities are sold when the portfolio manager believes changes will not occur as expected or if the security fails to maintain an accelerated rate of earnings growth. 

With regards to the equity portfolio, our primary emphasis is Core/Growth. Our strategy is to position the equity portfolio into common stocks that have and/or expect to produce strong earnings growth in the future. For the most part the equities will have: 

  1. Industry Average Beta

  2. P/E -In line with respective industries

  3. Above Average Earnings Per Share Growth

  4. Dividends -Preference given to dividend paying stocks

  5. Strong Capitalization

  6. Above Average Relative Strength -Price of stock in relation to its industry group and the market overall

Generally, Monetary Management Group is looking for the following types of stock investment: 

  1. Major corporations that are leaders in the respective markets and industries with proven management

  2. Firms that are expected to have above average revenue and earnings growth along with consistent and growing cash flow

  3. Companies that have an undervalued market price in relationship to their assets based on earning capabilities

In regard to equity liquidation, MMG will attempt to sell a stock, assuming normal market conditions, when: 

  1. Stock prices meet or exceed our target price

  2. The issue has failed to perform in line with our expectations

  3. Management changes and/or expected change in a company's market position

  4. Fundamental reasons, such as earnings per share revisions, cash flow and dividend reductions

  5. A stock will be sold to maintain portfolio limitations regarding maximum security positions and/or to reduce the portfolio exposure in a particular industry.


  • Manage all equity, balanced, and fixed income accounts with a specific investment philosophy and strategy.

  • Large - Mid Cap equities as well as fixed income securities.

  • Research is primarily internal.

  • Investing in equity securities that pay cash dividends is important; however securities are selected primarily for their growth potential.

The first rule of investment is to preserve capital by controlling risk. After proper risk controls are in place, we believe that money follows earnings. A company whose business is improving at an accelerating rate offers the highest reward, and it is these companies that we are fully invested in.
— The MMG Philosophy