Why MMG?

Monetary Management Group, Inc. offers individual portfolio management with investment professionals that have over 200 years of combined experience. Client accounts are monitored on a continuous basis and risk/reward objectives are constantly being evaluated. Our objective is to produce economic benefits for our clients by increasing their net worth while staying within the risk/reward guidelines established by our clients.


MMG Strengths

  • MMG has six principals who actively manage client's assets using investment styles proven over many years.
  • MMG, as an independent Registered Investment Advisor, represents no proprietary products of its own or other broker/dealers.
  • MMG coordinates the activities of its clients with their other outside advisors to help manage assets more effectively and to minimize taxes.
  • MMG manages each account individually. There is no co-mingling of any funds.
  • MMG is conveniently located in the St. Louis metropolitan area to provide accessibility and responsiveness to its clients.
The first rule of investment is to preserve capital by controlling risk. After proper risk controls are in place, we believe that money follows earnings. A company whose business is improving at an accelerating rate offers the highest reward, and it is these companies that we are fully invested in.
— The MMG Philosphy

MMG History

In 1980, Monetary Management Group, Inc. was formed as a Registered Investment Advisor to provide portfolio management and analytical services to individuals, corporations, endowments, as well as pension and profit sharing plans.

Currently, Monetary Management Group, Inc. and its advisory affiliates are providing services and advice for funds in excess of $350,000,000.